The Brief

This fast-growing retailer realised that they were spending too much time and money on logistics and needed a responsive logistics partner to help facilitate their ecommerce activity.

The customer required support in expanding their logistics channels to complement their growing consumer product offering, whilst maintaining an excellent experience for the end customer.

The Strategy

It was apparent that with the increase of product types being offered, coupled with the growth in orders, the client required multiple carrier options to meet their customer’s demands.  In addition, full visibility of the outbound deliveries, delivery receipts and exception handling resource would minimise the need for additional customer services support.

The Result

Through our shipping platform, we were able to integrate with the customer’s existing order management system, offer access to a multitude of suitable courier options and automate the whole shipping process from order through to delivery.

Oyster Logistics supply live management information on delivery progress and proactively manage any exceptions as they arise, in turn this has increased the level of successful, on time deliveries.  The overall benefit to the customer is it saved time, saved money, and gave the business piece of mind.