The Brief

A leading international Amazon reseller, the client was looking to ensure a flexible, and efficient route into Amazon sites across Europe. The client was introduced to Oyster Logistics via an existing client referral on an Amazon seller forum.

Taking into account the new Brexit related customs and shipping requirements at the time, deliveries needed to be made into a variety of sites, in varying quantities from one day to the next and with a large variety of product sku’s.  Delivery had to be cost efficient, reliable and fast to ensure Amazon stock levels could be maintained to meet the variable sales demands from one day to the next without adding unnecessary process, operational challenge or cost.

The Strategy

We needed to fully understand the challenge at hand.  Learning, through extensive discussion and site visits, about the incumbent process and how this was failing.  Where the pain points were and assessing how we could improve things with the tools (and experience) at our disposal.

With this particular client, there was a clear requirement for a solution capable of shipping 1 or 2 boxes today but potentially hundreds the next day with very little notice.  Traditional freight options were challenging based on cost and ability to flex with the variable volume demands – this challenge was further exacerbated by Brexit and the requirement to ship goods into Amazon’s European sites with any duties pre-paid (DDP).  An alternative option had to be considered.

The Results

Through Oyster Logistics, the client was able to access a number of potential carrier solutions and run some live transit tests.  Right from the outset of testing, we were able to advise on the correct paperwork and provide a process for ensuring its compliant, electronic submission through to the carrier.  Proactively monitoring progress and managing any potential hold ups or delays before they became a bigger issue.

Testing resulted in a clear ‘winner’, with one of our leading carrier partners providing a competitive and consistent service.  Delivering within a couple of days regardless of destination or volumes shipped.

We have since gone on to provide this service to support 10’s of thousands of deliveries into Amazon for this client as well as helping with their wider freight requirements,  collecting and delivering direct from their suppliers, aligning ourselves as their complete logistics partner.