About Us

Not just another supplier

Our primary mission is to help our customers capture and maintain their edge. We want to help provide the tools to fully execute your business strategy, powered by technology at the operational edge of your business. With Oyster Logistics you’ll start to see things more clearly and with the ability to focus on what’s important – driving your own business success.

We are fanatical logisticians

Oyster Logistics started out when co-founders Paul and Mike, with over 25 years combined logistics experience behind them, stepped away from ‘corporate world’ and set out on their own.

The pair had a simple vision – to offer a suite of related solutions to the wider ecommerce market, with the professionalism that they each stood for but without the biased lens that comes with representing any specific carrier or service – through impartiality and choice they could offer a truly consultative and all the more valuable service.

the right solution at the right time

In working with Oyster Logistics, we are able to offer customers an industry leading shipping portal. Loaded with technology, this multi-functional system is a true business support tool that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems. It helps compare quotes and service options, book in collections, print labels, monitor tracking progress and much more.

As well as service choice, we appreciate that keen pricing is always going to play an important part in choosing your carrier partner. Oyster is able to draw from their own carrier experience and relationships with the major carriers around the globe, such as DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx and combine the power of bulk buying to ensure access to highly competitive pricing on domestic and international services.

We can help you

Oyster Logistics is already helping a broad and diverse customer base. Our customers range from Ecommerce – Amazon and eBay sellers to manufacturing, print, automotive, hospitality, textiles, building supplies and much much more.

From consulting on domestic postal campaigns to packaging, high volume – low cost economy packet distribution to express air freight and much more besides. Oyster Logistics can be your true logistics partner.

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