Save time & money on your shipping needs

Oyster Logistics presents the ultimate range of shipping and delivery solutions. Help your business save valuable time and money on your logistics needs. We can work with you to help provide everything you need to create and implement an efficient and cost-effective shipping strategy that works for your company, your needs and your customers.

Your true logistics partner

Does your business require delivery services for international or domestic shipments?

Whether your need is for ad hoc collections on demand, the convenience and flexibility of a parcel shop drop off solution or scheduled daily collections, we can help

Our partners operate around the globe by road, sea and air. If you need to arrange the Express delivery of a single jiffy envelope containing that crucial spare part to the other side of the world, or multiple full loads of white goods imported from Europe by road, or even Shipping containers loaded with building supplies to go from the EU to the Middle East

Your business is our business

Oyster Logistics provide access to many of the world’s leading courier and parcel delivery networks. From local Same Day specialists to the largest and most trusted carriers such as DHL, TNT Express, DPD, FedEx, UPS and Royal Mail.


Driving your business success

At Oyster Logistics, we also offer a range of multi modal freight services. Whether you are looking for the fastest or simply the most cost effective solution, the team are here to help. As well as discussing the most appropriate service for your needs and presenting a range of options, we will also help with the paperwork and ensure you submit the right information on the right document, to help avoid unnecessary and sometimes costly delays.

Why choose oyster?

The team at Oyster Logistics understands the importance of choosing the right service for the task at hand, we appreciate that many carriers offer similar services but in reality, no two are the same. Working with Oyster Logistics means you have:


An experienced and professional shipping partner


Access to a range of competitively priced carrier options at your fingertips


Support from your dedicated account manager to ensure you chose the right service and manage the deliveries of your shipments


Industry ‘know how’ and guidance to help navigate the ever-changing landscape of domestic and international shipping and deliveries